Taking interest Workshop: Poetic Materials


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

Please email to pre- book. This will be an invoiced event.
Sat 29th July
10am to 3:30/4pm
In person workshop- Tamborine Mountain, Queensland.
Includes- tutorial and resources, a variety of clays, catering.

Poetic Materials is a day workshop on Tamborine Mountain.
Larissa will present a playful and informative approach to experimenting with wild clay bodies. With emphasis on creativity and exploration, we will test a range of locally sourced and commercially mined minerals, rocks, pigments and clays; and discover how these can add wonderful new textures and effects to your ceramic ware. Larissa is a exhibiting artist and experienced teacher based on Tamborine Mountain, in South East Queensland, Australia.

This workshop is open to beginner and intermediate level potters. It will involve a mixture of group and individually focused learning, exploring and making experiences.
Introductory technical material will be covered during the session and digital resources will be sent to your email before the day begins.

Begin with a welcome and introduction, a warm drink and locally made treat to get ourselves energized.

In the morning session I will share:
– how to process local clays
– local geological, historical and cultural information
– how to discover your own local clay,
– how to test, alongside other found and commercial ceramic materials
– how to create a wood ash & wild clay glaze
Bring along your own wild clay for problem solving

CATERED LUNCH with drinks and sweets

The afternoon will be a hand building session using my own special mix of mountain clay. You can choose to build a collaborative or individual piece/ collection of small works. I can offer a range of support during this session to help you make high quality and distinctive art that follows your creative goals.

Each participant will can bring a small bucket or jars (2lt) with lids so they can transport processed clay slip home.
Participants will need bring an old towel, small bucket or jars with lids, favourite clay tools, a box and packing to take work home.

Firing of work: In the past, I have found that the majority of participants that sign up for my workshops already have access or own a kiln and would prefer to fire their own work. With this in mind, firing is not included in this workshop. It can be arranged for an additional cost, including postage.

Additional options:
Arrive early and have breakfast in one of the many wonderful local cafes.
Stay late and have a drink at the new Aerie wine bar, a hearty meal at Baileys Irish pub or dine at some of our fabulous restaurants. There are a lot of accommodation options on the mountain. Airbnb’s usually require a 2-night stay, but there are also quite a number of motels. We will be located right around the corner from Gallery Walk; which boasts a range of shops and cafes.

The workshop will also cover-
– the ethics of using local clays, ways to ask permission & make local connections
– equipment, useful hacks, tips and tricks I’ve discovered along the way
– identifying stoneware, kaolin, terracotta and low fire clays
– how to find clay locations with government websites, facebook pages and other community connections
– limit waste in the studio

I pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging, recognising connections to Wangerriburra Country, history, culture and spirituality through this location which my family live, learn and work. As an artist, I strive to ensure I walk softly on this earth and that my practice continues in a manner that respects and honours the Elders and Ancestors of these lands. It’s important to note that we will not going to locations to collect local clays or materials during this workshop.

About me
My ceramic practise is driven by my fascination of the minerals and clays underneath, the layers of the earth and how we uncover them. Echoing my local landscape and using raw volcanic clays from Tamborine Mountain I look to geological metamorphosis and histories when developing my concepts. In recent years I have published 2 research articles with The Journal of Australian Ceramics and the Qld History Journal based on oral histories about past potters of Tamborine Mountain, and the clays they sourced. I have exhibited in Australia, U.K. and the States in solo, group and award exhibitions. As a senior Art and Media teacher of 20 years, I meticulously plan and deliver learning experiences that are rich with knowledge, are fun and support diverse needs. In 2019 I left the classroom to concentrate on my art career full time. I create from my home studio; a reclaimed underground bunker, located in the Gold Coast hinterland on Tamborine Mountain.

Cancelation policy
I will require a minimum of 7 participants, if insufficient numbers enrol, I reserve the right to cancel and refund all payments.
You will receive a confirmation and reminders leading up to the event.  If you do not attend the event, there are no refunds offered, however you will be provided with PDF resources. Resources are copyright and all registering participants agree that they will not share, reproduce or alter them.

Please ignore shipping and care instructions below as they are not applicable. 

Care Instructions

All of my ceramic pieces sold are useable and made to store liquids. The body of each piece is made using one of Australia’s finest porcelains, fired to 1280°C and fully vitrified.  Due to the nature of combining various stoneware, raw minerals and porcelain clays, your work may have some very superficial (thin and only surface deep) spilts on the outside. This is rare, but does not change the function of the work. If your cup/vessel leaks, of course please contact me, however, all cups are checked and tested before sale.

If your ceramic piece has not been glazed, rather has a polished finish, I have applied Liquid Quartz ceramic sealer, which is a food safe, permeating sealer designed for use on unglazed ceramic ware. Click here for more information about this product.  Due to the thin walls of your porcelain piece, please be mindful that hot liquids will be hot to touch if in a porcelain cup. Careful hand washing of your ceramic ware is advised.


I will ship orders within 4 days of receiving the payment. They will be well packaged with recycled packing materials and sent by Australia Post. A tracking number will be provided via email. Australia Post Standard is generally 3-10 days with tracking – no insurance. Please contact me if you would like to add insurance or express postage. COVID has impacted greatly on international shipping. I am currently able to provide standard and express postage to USA, Canada, New Zealand & Singapore. Any import duties, fees, &/or taxes payable in your country are the responsibility of the buyer. U.K. buyers please contact Thrown Contemporary in London to purchase.

If you end up paying too much for shipping I will refund you the access via PayPal and send you a message to let you know. 


If you have purchased a Live Zoom Workshop, you will receive a confirmation and reminders leading up to the event. 24 hours prior to the event the link to the event will be emailed to the email that you registered with. If you do not attend the event, there are no refunds offered, however all registrants will be provided with PDF resources. The online event and resources are copyright and all registering participants agree that they will not share, reproduce or alter them.